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Our goal is to promote the company Emrys la carte and we are not the only one also available in France and Belgium

To start


A single model


There is nothing easier to show you if above the images of the operation of Emrys the map of each step to follow of our MLM legalize 100% French and also available in Belgium, also broadcast on different television channels such as TF1, France TV, etc.

Boost your purchasing power with
Emrys the card!

  • everyday support community
  • opportunity to grow
  • zero risk
  • no financial investment
  • nothing to sell to those around you
  • everyone is free to consume
  • non-taxable earnings
  • unlimited recurring wins
  • 100% French legal
  • Legally also available in Belgium

The different reasons to join our club.

Distribution of the common pot
When buying gift cards

carte exemple

The points displayed correspond to 40% of the common pot.

When you buy a gift card, you get doc
the same value as what we spend

A member association of the cooperative touches in
coins 5% of the amount displayed in the shop.

10 Generation Sponsors also receive
each 10% in purchase credit of the value in coins of the gift card

pot commun exemple

Emrys trades large amounts of gift cards for commission. This commercial margin is put in a common pot.
All members of the cooperative can recover part of the common pot by consuming the available gift cards.

bfm tv

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My expenses Different multi-store


My benefits loyalty point

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muti enseigne

In which stores?

There are more than 200 EMRYS partner brands that contribute to this project, including very large brands that also have confidence in the cooperative. Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, Sephora, Auchan, Carrefour, Total and many others.

the list of brands, updated with each new brand entry, is available here, in free and open access just by clicking on the button below.

There are also multi-brand cards which allow access to other brands, and with lower amounts.

But also cashback!

The cooperative is not just about gift cards!

There is also a dedicated site with more than 500 partner websites!

Unlike the classic cashback, with Emrys, this cashback earns loyalty points like for the purchase of gift cards but opens up crazy possibilities!


Shopping malls!

Emrys has more and more mall gift cards in the store.

We can therefore access all the brands available in each of them.


To join it's simple, just choose your annual subscription from the 3 possible solutions. With this membership, you will have the benefits for 1 year, and after one year you decide what you want to do. License change is possible at any time!


10 / years

  • test
  • Optimize your expenses


100 / years

  • Expand Emrys
  • Sponsorship between your relatives, friends and college
  • Association and company sponsorship

Frequently Asked Questions

The cooperative exists since 2014. It is declared to the state.

Its head office is based in Annecy

It is made up of around 30 employees responding daily to members and preparing orders for dispatch.

It was little known before because there were not many partners at the beginning but now there are a lot of dematerialized cards which greatly facilitate its use.

The cooperative decided to rely on word of mouth.

She therefore prefers to reward members who talk about it and who help their team rather than spending crazy sums on advertising marketing.

It therefore works on the principle of MLM or network marketing as Tupperware, StanHome, Thermomix, LR Health & Beauty, Chogan, Partylite have already been doing for years.

With the exception that you don't sell anything to those around you with the cooperative!

This question cannot be answered. It's like taking your food store's loyalty card and asking the store reception how much you will earn in a year? Reception will tell you that it depends on your purchases.

If you spend 50€ in the cooperative every month, you will progress more slowly than a family with children having a monthly food budget of 500€.

The more we consume in the cooperative, the more we earn.

The cooperative being based on mutual aid with a common loyalty system from the second license, if you want to play it solo by taking the license at 10€/year, yes you will not advance not fast, but you will progress anyway!

On the other hand, if you start with the second license and you help those around you to also join the cooperative, you will help each other together and with us in the common loyalty system. It will boost everyone!

It's the beginning that is long because we start with zero fidelity.

It is quite possible to change license once in the cooperative but you will have to pay the whole of the next one, it is not decreasing. This is why you have to think carefully about which one suits you best to start. My wife and I have the highest as well as many people on our team. The third is the only one that will bring you a lot quickly but it does not fall from the sky!

No, the cooperative should be seen as a major national, multi-brand loyalty card.

Your employer does not have to know about your membership as earnings are not paid into your bank account. This is loyalty discount. It is therefore not taxable!

Whether you are VDI, civil servant, employee, unemployed... you can easily join the cooperative to start increasing your purchasing power!

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The necessary data we need first and last name, e-mail address and being over 18 years old


France and Belgium


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