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Our goal is to promote you a small software without doing anything to let all your devices run, internet networks and on your smartphone share your 4G / 5G with third parties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Honeygain? How does it work? Where does it work? On which platforms does it work?

What do the error messages mean? Does Honeygain work with VPNs? What are the requirements in order to run Honeygain?

How does the referral system work? How can I invite my friends to join Honeygain as my referrals?

What to do if I forgot my password? How do I remove, rename or restore a device on Dashboard?

What is Content Delivery? Where is it available? How much does it pay?

What is Lucky Pot? How does it work? What are the requirements? How much does it pay?

What is Honeygain Anti-Cheat and what happens to Honeygain accounts after the ban

Why did Honeygain partner up with JumpTask? What is the JumpTask mode? Why is JumpToken a payout option to consider? Get to know all this and more.